He is Gumball's adopted brother and former pet Glodfish. Eventually, Darwin began to grow legs, learn to eat Food other than fish flakes, and speak human language; he subsequently became a member of the family. Due to his sudden introduction into the world, his mindset is somewhat skewed and he tends to be more naive than other characters. Although his best friend can sometimes be a negative influence on him, he is incredibly loyal to Gumball and is really smart at times. He often helps Gumball out of any sticky situation.


Season 0

  • Polit

Season 1

  1. The DVD
  2. The Reponsible
  3. The Third
  4. The Debt
  5. The End
  6. The Dress
  7. The Quest
  8. The Spoon
  9. The Pessure
  10. The Painting
  11. The Laziest
  12. The Ghost
  13. The Mystery
  14. The Prank
  15. The GI
  16. The Kiss
  17. The Party
  18. The Refund
  19. The Robot
  20. The Picnic
  21. The Goons
  22. The Secret
  23. The Sock
  24. The Genius
  25. The Poltergeist
  26. The Mustaches
  27. The Date
  28. The Club
  29. The Wand
  30. The Ape
  31. The Car
  32. The Curse
  33. The Microware
  34. The Meddler
  35. The Helmet
  36. The Fight

Season 2

  1. The Remote
  2. The Colossus
  3. The Knights
  4. The Fridge
  5. The Flower
  6. The Banana


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